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About Us

See the  kitchen tiling project we completed in Hervey Bay with white backsplash porcelain tiles. This photo was taken last year of December. Visit us at for more of our tiling photos.

We started this company with a single vision in mind to provide the best tiling and waterproofing services at affordable prices. Our hard work and devotion turned us into the top tiling and waterproofing company of Hervey Bay, Australia. We are very proud to be the most reputable tiling and waterproofing company in the industry.

The team of experts at Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing is equipped with immense knowledge, vast experience, unique strategies, and the latest technologies. Our skill and competence enable us to deliver any possible tiling and waterproofing solutions effectively and economically. We offer abundant tiling and waterproofing services, including pool tiling, stone tiling, tiling floor and wall, bathroom renovations, shower repairs, etc.

We are known for our extreme levels of effectiveness, competence, professionalism, commitment, and work quality. Moreover, our team is fully capable of giving life to your dream tiling and waterproofing outcomes. To ensure absolute efficacy, every project is properly planned, managed and implemented. We provide no-obligation service for our respected customers.

During this, a detailed examination of your property is carried out to access your needs properly. Also, after no-obligation consolation, we are in a better position to provide correct budget estimates. Effectual administrative skills enable us to complete any project in minimum possible time. We highly regard customer satisfaction, so our workers will make sure to deliver the desired results, proficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today to get a detailed overview of our work standards, policies, and procedures.

Since you are spending a lot of time and energy on the waterproofing project, it's apparent that you will expect perfect outcomes. The team at Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing will ensure that you receive the desired results efficiently and effectively. Through our knowledge, experience, and dedication, we will help you achieve your dream tiling and waterproofing experience.

The high-quality services at matchless rates always keep us ahead of our competitors. Moreover, our team is educated and trained in both traditional and recent technologies. Call us now for ultimate tiling and waterproofing needs.

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