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Remodelling or renovating your bathroom is one of the brilliant ways to improve the look and aesthetic of your bathroom and other living spaces of your house. Although this process is quite challenging with so many variant shapes, designs, and colours of tiles, it can be mind-blogging to decide for the final tile design for your floors and walls. Bathroom tiles are not anything new, but they remain a necessity because of their functionality and versatility in nature. They require low maintenance in terms of keeping up, as well as hardwearing and impermeable to water. Tiles paved the way for bathroom aesthetic values and design opportunities.

Bathroom wall and floor tiling job done in Hervey Bay with marble tiles

3 Major Determinants to Consider  

In renovating a bathroom, there are constructive ways and principles to follow before choosing and designing your bathroom with tiles. It is essential to be familiar with the key elements to create perfect results with high aesthetic value and impact with your bathroom ideas Hervey Bay. In this case, the light, space, and balance and proportion should be paramount factors to consider. Below are the reasons why are they esteemed:  


Illumination is a very significant part of any bathroom area. It contributes to maintaining sensation and illusion that creates clean spaces. Light has two attributes: natural and artificial light. These two features contribute in terms of the organic look of the bathroom and help create more prominent spaces and at the same time helps to create a sense of enclosed spaces in your homes through artificial lights such as fixtures, lamps, candlesticks.  


It doesn’t matter how tiny your bathroom is. If you know how to perform and make use of the available resources, especially the tiles, it can still look spacious. For example, choosing a more extensive floor tile for a tiny bathroom can be a great idea because that will enlarge the area and pick larger units and patterns that are plain rather than complicated and busy can have an exquisite effect. Furthermore, amazing stunning tray or vaulted ceilings will add volume and depth to a tiny room. Please bear in mind, though, that a bathroom is a place for healing, and if it is full of fixtures, it can spark and provide the user with strained and unsettling feels. Hence, don’t cram in your bathroom on so many bits and pieces and follow the basic bathroom ideas Hervey Bay instead.  

Balance it out  

Perhaps balance is the most important aspect of bathroom renovation. Balance delivers the perception signals to our senses that allow us to evaluate between a good design and a poor design. In renovating, there should be no too cramped or too spacious bathroom. You would want to strike the right number of items in your bathroom since abundance or too many can mean additional eye-clutters. As a reminder, when planning or imagining bathroom ideas Hervey Bay, include the elements you need the most in creating a perfect bathroom.  

Fantastic Bathroom Ideas and You Need to Pay Attention To 

Different periods have different viewpoints on the ideal bathroom. There are many styles in the modern day time that are loved by many homeowners and designers. Not only are these designs stunning, but they are also perfectly functional. Here are some fantastic bathroom ideas Hervey Bay you can make use of for your future project. 

Glassy Is Classy  

The visual influence of a glass floor tile creates a classy and stunning stained-glass effect and builds the impression of depth because of functions as a cover to the floor. This form of tile holds up well, especially when it is accurately and adequately mounted. Patterned glass is also a healthy option for preventing any falls or injuries. Also, by customizing a shower floor with tiny glass tile squares to draw a showy feature in the bathroom can be a good entry for bathroom ideas Hervey Bay. Also, glass floor tile doesn’t need any maintenance because they are waterproof; thus, explains they are the best in the market.  

Inky Blue Walls  

This kind of bathroom ideas Hervey Bay can give off a cold, ecstatic effect. Inky blue has been with the tiling bathroom renovation industry back then, but it disappeared for some time. But now, the superior design is ready to serve and give your bathroom a luxurious look because of its different shades and hues of blue giving your space a stylish edge that leaves an exquisite and beautiful impact. For residential and commercial spaces, every shade of blue colour is notable with bright, warm neutral tones.  

Matte Is Here to Stay  

The popularity of matte finish tiles is growing at a rapid pace for the tiling and bathroom sector. They feature a very delicate and soft but durable look, which can enhance your bathroom’s overall aesthetics and appearance. The matte finish looks relatively classy and elegant, giving the flooring or walls a sleek and limited sheen feel. These matte finish tiles are very hassle-free and easy to keep and maintain. A bathroom with matte finish tiles will stay current not only this time but for decades to come. This bathroom ideas Hervey Bay have proven its way, and we suggest you try it with your style. 

Herringbone Tile  

The herringbone pattern is perhaps one of the most fantastic tile trends these days. This zig-zag tile has made its way to bathrooms! This straightforward yet elegant tile choice is widely used for both walls and floors by providing versatility along with an attractive and classic look that can truly transform the bathroom into a sleek living space. 

Rustic Stone Tile  
Our recently bathroom renovation done in Hervey Bay with rustic wall tiles

These days, the industry brought back the rustic stone tile, not only as a tile option for walls but also for your bathroom’s flooring. If you have a larger bathroom or space, you should try considering natural stone tiles to give your bathroom a more sophisticated feel. Some of the excellent tile options include limestone, slate, and marble. Will this trend and popularity for organic stone tiles dominate this year? The answer is yes! Throughout the years, this type of tiles has remained a foundation for numerous bathroom designs.

If you’re planning a remodelling of the bathroom and looking to bring it to current times, let Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing help you with your bathroom project. Visit us at or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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