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Bathroom Renovations

How much do you love this bathroom renovation project we just completed in Hervey Bay with wood finish porcelain floor tiles? We completed the job just before Christmas last year. See for more of our pictures.

The bathroom is undoubtedly frequently visited and used space in a home. It is a place which provides energizing start to your day. Similarly, it is a place that helps you to shred all your worries at the end of a long hectic day. Bathroom renovations are necessary to keep your bathroom up to date with recent designs.

Moreover, they make your bathroom more stylish and pleasing. The team at Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing is an expert in providing your dream bathroom renovations at affordable prices. Our team has vast knowledge and experience regarding traditional and advanced bathroom renovations. We will make sure to achieve your goal of the perfect bathroom through our dedication, competency, and hard work.

Consultations and Estimates

We highly value customer satisfaction. Hence no project is carried out without prior planning. Our team of specialists will visit your property to understand your needs correctly. After an examination of your property, our team will provide correct budget expectations and project timeline. Afterwards, our team will create the best possible plan to fulfil your needs. Extensive knowledge, experience, effective planning, management and implementation of work plan enable us to complete any project effectively.

Customizable Options

Bathroom renovation provides you with a wide range of options so that you can achieve your goal of a perfect bathroom. These options include a verity of tiling materials, different designs, colour combinations, and advanced bathroom vanities.

Furthermore, you can also customize your bathroom. The team of taking experts at Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing is fully capable of delivering any kind of bathroom renovation smoothly and efficiently. We will make sure to achieve your dream of a perfect bathroom at a reasonable price.

Tiling and Waterproofing

Tiles are the perfect selection for covering the floor and walls of your bathroom. Tiles are durable and easy to clean. Moreover, tiling gives a pleasing and comforting look to your bathroom. Furthermore, a variety of tiling materials is available like stone, porcelain, marble, etc. Similarly, different designs and colour options are also available.

Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing is providing supreme tiling and waterproofing services for years. Our team will make sure to deliver the results that you are going to admire for many years. Our experienced team has handled every type of bathroom tiling material and hardware. We have safe and lifelong solutions for all your tiling and waterproofing needs. We also provide high-quality, waterproofing services to ensure the safety of your family and guests.

Terrific Team

We are proud to have a group that is known for its passion, devotion, hard work, competency, efficiency, professionalism, knowledge, skills, and experience. Our team delivers unparalleled services at unmatched rates. Moreover, our team members are fully capable of providing your dream bathroom renovation efficiently and cost-effectively.

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