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Tiling is a robust and technical job. It’s challenging to find the experts of tiling who offer not only standard tiling services but also at reasonable prices. The tricky part of the tiling is to choose the right tile for your bathroom that is of the very best quality but also gives a beautiful look to the bathroom. If you want a professional services provider for your bathroom, then Hervey Bay Bathroom Tiling experts must consider your first option. 

Tiling is an exhausting work from beginning to end. If you have already accomplished the task of choosing the right tile for your bathroom, don’t think for a second that the job is almost done. The installation part of the tiling is even more difficult and can only be done correctly by a professional. Never attempt to install tiles in your bathroom on you will not only mess it up but will waste your hard-earned money too.  

Aligning the tiles to cutting them and from applying the tiles to sealing them, can only be done by someone who has years of experience in this field and will never compromise on the quality of the work. Hervey Bay Bathroom Tiling experts are the only reliable option for you. To make your tiling venture convenient, read this article till the end as it will guide you on how to spot the perfect tiler for your renovation needs.  

Here is a photo of last week’s completed projects in Hervey Bay with concrete finish porcelain tiles. Visit our page for full details on each project. See more of our photos at

Personal recommendations 

The best way to find the right tiler for you is to ask someone who had their renovation done recently. You can ask any of your family members, friends, colleagues, or any other person you know, who has the experience and information about bathroom renovation.  

If you ask anyone around here about Hervey Bay Bathroom Tiling experts, we are pretty sure that most of them recall us on good terms. They will tell you their experience with us and the quality of our work. Ask them to rate our services and remember never to take decisions only on just one opinion, try to ask a few people first and then make your mind. 

Find a Tradesman Website 

Most severe and reliable tilers have their websites and some sort of online footprints so that you can trace them.  You can check their websites and blogs for customers’ reviews and ratings. We ask you to go and check Hervey Bay Bathroom Tiling experts’ reviews and ratings online, these are given by those customers who had received our tiling services. You can surely get a rough idea about the quality of our services by reading these reviews as they are given by genuine people you don’t know about but have experience with our services. 

Social Media 

In this era, every experience and reliable company knows the importance of social media as it is one the best way for marketing. Social media is a great platform to advertise your business and reach the desired audience very conveniently. You can easily reach any tiler’s social media account and get the required info and comments about their services. Reliable tilers always try to keep their social media accounts updated with completed projects, pics and videos. They try to advertise as much as they can for free.  

Professional guidance 

Hervey Bay Bathroom Tiling experts must be your priority if you are seeking the best professional guidance. As it can come convenient many times because we have the knowledge, experience, and sources that can help you grab what you are looking for. The most professional and experienced tilers are part of the Hervey Bay Bathroom Tiling experts’ team.  

Hervey Bay Bathroom Tiling experts are very famous around here because of the standard of the services we provide. We have contacts with the best manufacturers and suppliers in town. These are very few points that make the Hervey Bay Bathroom Tiling experts your first option for bathroom renovation. We assure you, we will not compromise on the quality and your satisfaction. 

Getting a quote 

Try to ask for the quote of the services as most professionals will mention it beforehand. It is better to compare quotes from different professionals as it will give an idea about what the job usually costs. You will be able to decide better and more affordable service as many professionals charge very high without any reason. You can ask Hervey Bay tilers to come and have a look at your bathroom, so they can assess the extent of the renovation work and will give you a quote accordingly.  

Tips for the perfect bathroom renovation tiling project. 

Bathroom tiling job done in Hervey Bay with white porcelain tiles
The right tiles 

There are tiles available in the market for every place of your home. The tiles of the bathroom have their class and tiles of the kitchen have their separate category. Never attempt to make the mistake of installing kitchen tiles in the bathroom or vice versa to save a few bucks because that not only looks cheap but ugly too. They just don’t fit there. You should always have a clear mind to choose the appropriate tile for the appropriate place. 

Tiling purpose 

There should be a purpose behind installing new tiles in any place of your house. Such as for the bathroom, most people try to give it a calm and clean look, so they choose the proper design and colour for this purpose. This was just one example to show you that always keep the purpose in your mind before choosing and installing tiles in a place. 

Desired space 

Bigger the tiles the bigger and cozier it looks while smaller the tiles the congested and more compact it looks. So, keeping this rule in your mind try to select tiles accordingly. 


The decoration is a fundamental tool to change the look of a place. You can utilize this tool to leave an impact on viewers’ sight. There should be a contrast between decoration and the tiles around them. There must be a theme and colour scheme in your mind before installing tiles in your house, or you can change the decoration around tiles to create a visual effect. 

The right tiler 

If you have successfully selected the right tile for your place, then the very next step is to ask for some professional and experienced tiler company for installing them. It’s our advice to you that never compromise on this step, don’t try to save a few bucks by asking an unskilled and cheap tiler services provider for the job. It has its pitfalls you should try to avoid. Always ask Hervey Bay Bathroom Tiling experts for this job if you don’t want to be in a pickle later. They know the different techniques required for different tile materials and will never mess up the work. 

Reputation and reviews 

You must always make sure that the company or tiler you are going to hire for the job is a legitimate and reliable one. Reviews about them online are a great source to test the authenticity of anyone. They are the quickest and most reliable source for you to find a trustworthy and experienced tiler for the job. So always do some homework online before hiring someone. 


A collection of past work and experiences to showcase their work is what portfolio about. It contains their pictures of past work or projects that they have completed, so they try to gain the trust of the customers buy it. It gives you a rough idea about the services provider, about their skills and works quality. You should always look for a portfolio before hiring him. 

Quality of work 

If the tiler you are going to hire still uses worn-out instruments and ancient techniques and methods for tile installation, then you should not expect much from him. For the most elegant and decent look, only Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing can help you with their latest technology and techniques. You will be surprised by the quality of work they will offer and at such affordable prices. 

Questions to ask 

When can the tiler start? 

Tilers are usually very busy and have their bookings for a month. So always ask the time they will start your work. 

How long will the job take? 

Ask the time duration and force them to do the job in the estimated time. 

What is covered in the quote? 

It’s essential to know beforehand what the charges for what services will be so you not end up spending extra. 

If you are looking for a bathroom tiling service, contact Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing or email us at [email protected]

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