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Shower Repairs

Here is an after photo of a recent shower repair job we completed. The job was completed in Hervey Bay, see more of our photos at

A shower is used daily. It is the most visited space in your house. It helps to provide a reviving and refreshing start to your mornings. Similarly, it helps you to get rid of tensions at the end of a busy day. It is a beautiful place to relax and calm your anxiety. Because the shower is immensely talented, it should be tiled and waterproofed professionally. Tiling will enhance its aesthetic beauty while waterproofing will ensure the safety of your family and friends.

Proper Assessment

When you call us for the shower repair job, our team will first perform a detailed analysis of the shower. This examination will help our experts to understand and cause of the problem and extent of the damage. After that, the best possible solution will be implemented to deliver high-quality results. We always remove the root cause of the problem to provide safe and durable shower repairs.

Tactful Tillers

Our team of tactful tillers is fully competent to deliver the best results proficiently, effectively and inexpensively. Every member of our staff is educated, trained, skilled and qualified. They are equipped with a unique skillset and latest technologies which enable them to detect and repair any problem rapidly. Moreover, they will make sure that the same problem doesn't occur again for a lifetime.  Our team is devoted to providing the best shower repair solutions at a reasonable price.

Rapid Repairs

Through vast knowledge and immense experience over the number of years, our team of experts can deliver speedy shower repairs. However, you never need to worry about the quality of our work. We never compromise on our work standards and quality. It unique and practical skill set of our workers that enables them to identify and mend the problem swiftly. Through our dedication, competency, and efficiency, we are capable of delivering rapid shower repairs at affordable prices.

Safe Solutions

Our top priority is to see our valuable customers happy and satisfied. Hence, we go the extra mile to deliver durable, reliable, efficient and effective shower repairs. We know that when you hire Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing, you anticipate high-quality services. Don't worry. We will fulfil your needs to your expectations. We guarantee that our work approach, work quality, and the outcome will leave you amazed for many years. Moreover, safety protocols are always followed before and during the project to ensure maximum security for our workers and your family members.

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