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Stone Tiling

Here is an after photo of our wall cladding job completed in Hervey Bay with natural stone tiles. This photo was taken last month of January this year. See more of our photos at

Stone is the perfect option if you are looking for unique and beautiful tiling material. Moreover, stone can withstand harsh conditions as compared to other tiling materials. Stone is also resistant to slipping. It will provide a unique, authentic and eco-friendly look to your house.

Stone tiling is perfect for any kind of surface. However, it is most frequently used in the kitchen, bathroom, and backyard to increase the visually appealing look of your home. Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing is proud of its ability to provide exceptional stone tiling services. Our team of professionals can deliver outstanding stone tiling results on the desired surface.

Artful Stones

Stones are available in a variety of designs from simple to cunning. Stone friendly is an inexpensive, eco-friendly option to provide an authentic, unique and natural look to your home. The team at Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing offers a wide range of stone designs and colours to help you achieve the desired tiling experience.

Interior Options

Stone tiling is used in both residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, it is perfect for any kind of surface in your home. It adds to the worth and splendour of your home. It is ideal for both the internal and external décor of your home. Though, stone tiling is mostly used to cover kitchen, bathroom and shower surfaces.

It givesa natural and attractive look to the kitchen and bathroom while taking the safety of your family to the next levels. Stones pebbles are also available to eye-catching look to your shower space. The team at Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing is fully capable of delivering the desired stone tiling for interior décor of your home.

Exterior Options

Just like interior décor, the stone is also suitable for exterior tiling. At Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing, we have completed various exterior stone tiling projects for both commercial and residential properties. Stone is a unique and outstanding option for tiling pool space, exterior walls, and backyard of your home.

Stone tilling will not only make your house more attractive but will distinguish you from other homes in the neighbourhood. Exterior stone tiling will provide satisfying and amusing feelings for decades. The team at Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing can deliver any kind of exterior stone tiling results.

Affordable Stones

At Hervey Bay Tiling & Waterproofing, stone tiling services are provided proficiently and economically. Through our experience and education, we always manage to deliver results that will fulfil your needs to your satisfaction. Therefore, we offer unmatched stone rates. Through all these years in the tiling industry, we have developed a trustworthy network of suppliers that enable us to provide unbeatable service and stone rates to our valuable customers.

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